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A&V Festa 2005 in Yokohama

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The A&V Festa 2005 will be held this week (Wednesday 21st until Saturday 24th) at the Yokohama Pacifico Exhibition Center. (A&V stands for, if you didn’t guess it, Audio & Video) Entrance is free! You can find more details on opening hours and how to get there at the AV Festa official homepage (link above).

One of the main events seems to be a presentation by a company called Fostex, who are showing a new speaker that doubles as center speaker and stereo speaker; i.e. theoretically you would only need one speaker as front channel and still get true stereo sound. There are not much more details on the homepage, so I guess we just have to go there and find out more, right. It seems very similar to a Swedish invention by the company Embracing Sound Experience.

Other companies participating in the A&V Festa 2005 are (among many others):
Alpine, NEC, Kenwood, Sanyo, Sony, Denon, Victor, Marantz, and Mitsubishi.

Please look forward to a review of the show after the weekend!

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