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A note about fonts….

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Well, it took me about a month (since I transferred my blog to WordPress) to figure out that the default font that it’s setup to use (at least with the Kubrick template) does not exist by default in Windows! Nope, “Lucida Grande” is a standard OS X font, but is not shipped with Windows.

All Windows users who are browsing blogs made with WordPress (which are using the Kubrick design, or something based on it, like mine) have seen it with the Verdana font! This was news to me, but maybe everyone else knew….?

Anyway, I managed to get a hold of the font today, installed and finally got to view my own blog in the type face that it was originally meant to be displayed in. I like it! There’s no doubt that Lucida Grande is one of the nicest sans serif fonts out there! A note to Microsoft: include it in Vista!!

By the way, I searched a bit on the Internet regarding this, and it turns out I was not alone (it seems that it is also the case on almost any Mac-designed site, which are great in number, I assume). Check this this link for some points, of which I agree fully! (Although, I will still keep Verdana as a backup font to Lucida Grande, as I don’t have anything against it.)

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  1. I’m glad to hear you like Lucida Grande! I designed it, along with Charles Bigelow. Microsoft does include Lucida Sans in their selection of fonts and it is the same design as Lucida Grande. Microsoft also includes a true italic version of Lucida Sans, which Apple does not, that looks very nice on the web and works just fine with Lucida Grande as the roman. Try a CSS stylesheet specifying Lucida Grande with Lucida Sans as the second choice.

  2. Johan

    Thanks for the comment. You know, I tried to enter Lucida Sans into the stylesheet when I discovered that I did not have Lucide Grande installed; however, the italic version did not look any good – so I removed it until I installed the Grande version.

    *HOWEVER* I know see that I wrote ‘Lucida Sans’ in the stylesheet, when it should have been ‘Lucida Sans Unicode’ (at least for Windows) – and when testing that, it actually looks quite good. Thanks for the tip.