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Time for Warm Biz!

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A while ago, I wrote about Cool Biz and what a crap idea I think it is. Well, now it’s time for Warm Biz to battle unnecessary use of heaters during the fall and winter…

First I thought it was a joke, because this certainly could not be true! The government actually saying “wear a coat and hat inside” !! Geez, but after a little searching I found an official announcement here. Indeed, the heater in the offices around Japan should be set at 20 degrees and no higher during the cold months of the year. Seeing as how Japanese office ladies cover themselves in blankets and whine when the air conditioner is set to lower than 25 degrees, I have a hard time imagining how this will play out in reality. As with Cool Biz, this is merely a Government recommendation, but I think all Government offices have to follow it strictly.

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