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Grand Theft Auto mess getting messier…..

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:doze: Well, I thought things couldn’t get any worse and out of hand for Take Two Interactive and Rockstar Games (publisher and maker of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas), but it just did….

According to CNN an 85-year-old woman is filing a lawsuit against the creators of GTA:SA because in her opinion they “engaged in false, misleading and deceptive practices.” Well, what caused her to sue? Well, she had originally bought the M-rated game for her 14-year-old grandson… READ THAT AGAIN. She bought an M-(mature, not for children under 17) rated game for her 14-year-old grandson…. And she sues the company because it contains hidden, mature content? Geeeeeeeez…….. I hope the case gets thrown out of court. However, with today’s ultra-conservative religious climate in the States, I’m sure she’ll get a settlement, of, oh… a millon bucks or so.

Yep… This whole affair makes me SICK!

[EDIT] I just found this… The adventures of MoralValuesMan. Hilarious!!

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  1. Heh, det här påminner mig om det långa inlägg jag skrev i min LiveJournal när det gällde. ^^