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The iPod commercial – in real life!!

Posted by on Friday, 17 June, 2005

Oh boy, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while…

Some guy dresses up like an iPod dancer (the shadowy silhouette figures in the current iPod commercials) and shoots a video of him dancing around in an Apple store… H I L A R I O U S !

Link here at Something Awful.

Thanks to Ad-Rag for pointing me to it.


Concert time

Posted by on Tuesday, 14 June, 2005

OK, so we headed off to Club Edge in Roppongi last night for some performances by ASIJ school bands. They were ‘Seven Checkered Men’ (featuring my sister), ‘Quite The Gentlemen’ (temporarily *also* featuring my sister), Samurai River, and two more bands I forgot the names of…

Well anyway, so first up is my sister’s main band, the ‘Seven Checkered Men’ – which should be named ‘Four Checkered Men & Three Checkered Women’, but I guess that name was taken already… They are a self-proclaimed “Ska” band. :confused: Since I’m over thirty, I have no idea of what that means. I guess it means hard rock with Reggae and/or Bossanova influences? At least that what was it felt like. Or simpler yet, take your average rock band and stick a saxophone and a trumpet in there and go wild. It works, I tell ya. Definately a groovy sound, that’s for sure. So they did some cover songs (some great, some……great) and some own songs (these mostly kicked ass). Gotta love the ultra-punky-wild version of La Bamba!! Man, that guy can scream!

I was going to put up some pictures from the show, but somehow I (a) took a lot of crap pictures, and (b) failed to copy most of them to my laptop. So I only have one picture to upload now, and unfortunately it doesn’t even feature Ophey in it! (Sorry!)

After ‘Seven Checkered Men’ it was time for ‘Quite The Gentlemen’… Hehe… Gotta love that name. Anyway, the drummer was sick, out of the country, or dead, so my sister had to step in to fill his shoes (and IMHO she did a damn good job too). The singer of QTG was freakin awesome. He had a really good, powerful voice. But the clothes….? Hmm… I mean, yes, I know you’re called ‘Quite The Gentlemen’ but what’s up with the Office Worker-look? I dunno… I guess it was supposed to be smartly out-of-place compared to the really heavy rock music, but then *EVERYONE* in the band should have sort of the same clothes. Anyway. QTG ripped off some good covers, drowned in heavy guitars but was salvaged by good drumming and that damn good singer. Entertaining. (Except for that Horsie song. Not funny!)

I took some pictures of QTG too, and I’ll put them up later too.

All in all an entertaining evening. Too bad we couldn’t stay and listen to Samurai River – I’ve heard they’re quite good.