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Have I failed? Am I a failure?

Posted by on Monday, 16 May, 2005

Well, I started doing this weblog thingy a while back with huge ambitions and lots of great ideas. I would write on a near-daily basis about wonderful funny and quirky things about my life in Japan… Yeay, because that’s what blogs are fore, y know? Entertaining the masses by detailing small tidbits from your everyday life by using wit and jokes… Well, it failed, I think…

I dunno, it’s been what, six months, since I started this log and the only entertaining piece of work I’ve managed to cook up was probably this one: about the Japanese untalented tarento that populate every single television show in this country.

Where are the entertaining tidbits from my everyday life?

Where are the smartass reflections about quirky aspects of Japanese society?

Where are the angst-filled complaints and virulent attacks on idiots I encounter during the day?

Where? :angry:

Fuck if I know.

I found a hilarious website today, called Outpost Nine which is so very much what I would like this weblog to be. That guy can write, he can be funny, he seems to lead an interesting and event-filled life (or maybe that’s just how he describes it….. 😛 ) Anyway, it just made me wonder…maybe I’m not cut out for this shit. Maybe I’m not that funny joke-cracking insightful blogger I thought I would be!? Gasp! Damn.

Another thing… I’ve become WAY to accustomed to Japanese life to even lift an eyebrow anymore. I don’t see the quirkyness anymore! How can I comment and be funny about stuff I don’t think is strange or funny in the first place? It’s like trying to write something funny about getting up in the morning, shaving and fixing your hair… Not much entertainment value in that, is there?

So, people practise golf swings on the train platforms with their umbrellas… So? I would to if I had a longer umbrella? I never have time to go to the range, man! :laugh: So some people practise golf swings even when they’re not carrying an umbrella? Hmm… Ok, well that’s something I might NOT do, but it’s not something that you could write a whoe paragraph about and deduce intelligent, albeit very generalizing, facts about Japanese people.

So I’ll be evaluating this and will be deciding if it’s worth the effort keeping this blog going. I’ts not as though I will upset many visitors by stopping this… I think I can count my readers using only the fingers on my two hands….

I have some othes ideas for site content to vent my frustration and get rid of my sometime boredom. A long long time ago I started creating a sub-site which contained some fun and original stuff, but it got lots in a server-move and I never really gained back the time and insipration. Perhaps I’ll pick up the pieces of that project and get it back running.

Anyway…. That’s me signing off for a while… Who knows when I’ll be back.

Oh, and a big HI to Azrael of Outpost Nine, you made my day today! I love your site, man!


Draw a pig!

Posted by on Tuesday, 10 May, 2005


Go figure… Draw a pig and you will find out what type of personality you have…

You can check out my pig here:

Johans Pig

Then draw your own and check the results… Fun for the whole family!!!