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Movie-lovers unite!

Posted by on Tuesday, 19 April, 2005

Being the movie-lover that I am, I can really relate to CRITICWATCH, a part of eFilmCritic or HollywoodBitchslap (same site, different name). What the site does, apart from having good movie-information, thoughtful reviews etc., is to inform the moviegoing public about the whoring going on among movie critics. By accepting invitation to press junkets, receiving gift baskets and whatnot, the movie studio essentially “buys” good review for their crap movies. Criticwatch lists the top “whores” over the year so you know who to watch out for. If you see a movie presented as “one of the year’s best” and that quote is by someone like Earl Dittman, Paul Fischer, or Harry Knowles – then stay as far away as you can from that movie! The studio probably couldn’t get an honest quote from anyone credible, so they were stuck with these purchased quotes!

There’s even a petition going at the moment, alas it’s not really gaining that much momentum yet. Too bad, because I really feel for their cause!

I just read an awesome article there about trailer-making there. It’s really interesting to read how cynical and market-driven the people involved in making a movie-trailer are. There’s really ver little integrity left in that process…. Apparently, it’s fair game to insert any scenes you want into the trailer, even if they never make it to final cut. I always thought it was an oversight, or some last-minute cut to the movie that the trailer-makers were unware of, but no, it’s just a question of putting in all the good stuff into the trailer, to bring the pack in for opening weekend!



Posted by on Tuesday, 19 April, 2005

Well, these days as you know, copyright discussions are one of the main topics of the media, particularly in Sweden where there is a new copyright law coming soon (July 1) and there recently have been some turbulence (see entry below regarding the raid at an ISP).

One blog I follow closely is written by a PhD student by the name of Nicklas Lundblad. The blog is about media and information, but recently the main topic has been copyright issues. It’s very interesting, and I recommend it to everyone (it’s in Swedish though!) I might translate and quote some of his writing here because some is really insightful.


Why .hm? What is .hm?

Posted by on Tuesday, 12 April, 2005

A lot of people ask me why I chose the “.HM” domain, and what country owns that top domain.

Well, I will answer that today, and also give you some extra information you didn’t even ask for!! 😛

First of all, when I was going to register our family domain a few years ago (can’t remember when it was – probably 5 years ago or so) I was of course first aiming for one of the three “big” top domains, i.e. .COM, .ORG, or .NET. Unfortunately none of those were available (the .NET one was registered the day before I checked!!! :crazy: ) so I had to search for alternative ones. At that time, only organizations and companies were allowed to register .SE domains so that was out of the question; further, the “hip” domain in Sweden at that time was .NU since “nu” means “now” in Sweden. Well, never being one to fit in with the crowd, I immediately ruled out .NU because it was too popular!

So I found a top domain search engine which displayed all available top domains (that allowed registering of non-citizens) and came by the most unusual one I’ve seen…… .HM !! It was available for anyone to register and it was cheap (at that time, $19 per year – now it’s at $35 but still not bad).

So which country does .HM belong to?

It belongs to Heard and McDonald Islands which is, according to the CIA Factbook, a group of “uninhabitated, barren, sub-Antarctic islands” which “were transferred from the UK to Australia in 1947.” The group consists of four main islands: Heard, McDonald, Shag, and Flat Island. Heard is by far the biggest. In total the size is roughly 412 square kilometers. It is populated mostly by seals and birds, and has been classified as a nature preserve! (no wonder they allow non-citizens to register…not many seals are interested in hosting a site on the Internet)

So where are these islands? About two-thirds of the way from Madagascar to Antarctica! The climate is arctic and the land is mainly ice and tundra. There is an active volcano named “Mawson Peak” on Heard Island.

So there you have it!!!


Japan’s Wacky World of Celebrities

Posted by on Monday, 4 April, 2005

Well, back to my usual “fetish” of Japanese TV…

Haven’t been watchingt so much recently, but I read a good article touching on the subject of tarento and TV etc here:

Japan’s Wacky World of Celebrities

hmm… Gotta post a new entry on this subject when I get the time and inspiration…


New webhost!

Posted by on Friday, 1 April, 2005

Well, finally, after about 24 hours, the webhost-move has finalized! (Of course, it depends on local DNS-servers’ cache etc.)

I decided that the deal I was getting from my last host was not good enough, compared with what was available from other companies – so I started searching for a new one a few days ago, and my choice fell on Quality Host Online.

Much better speeds than the previous host, and a much, much better deal price-wise. (Plus the admin control panel is much cooler…… 😛 )