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More news about TV (as always…do I watch too much TV?)

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Well, I was watching “Bari Bari Value” on TBS last night, and the theme for the night was “Foreign Celebrity in Japan”. It started off with some French woman connected to the Miss Universe contest, living in a quite luxurious apartment in Meguro. Nice place, but nothing extraordinary (I know people who live in far more exclusive expat-apartments here in Tokyo).

Anyway, the next segment on the show was to take a look at the diplomatic community – and they focused in on the Roppongi area where there are lots and lots of foreign embassies. Well, imagine my surprise when then selected the SWEDISH Embassy to do their segment on! Wow! Cool! So they interview Mikael Lindstrom (the Ambassador to Japan) and his wife. They showed an example of a regular work day for him (looked pretty busy, I actually have very little knowledge of what an Ambassador actually does…), showed the interior of the Embassy, the “secret” consular department, and the Ambassador’s residence (where most Swedish people who live in Tokyo has visited once or twice, I guess!). And the showed the Embassy’s chef, Fredrik, showing off his…erhm… non-existant Japanese skills! 😉

OK, furthermore, I found an excellent piece on my favorite Japanese TV-show (London Hearts):

London Hearts Information

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