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Cleaning up the HTML….

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Well, some technical info for anyone (anybody? helloooo???) who is interested…

I’m trying to clean up the whole website and make it 100% HTML 4.01 compliant. This is the first step towards making it XHTML-compliant, which will be my next step.

(Note, it does not include this weblog, since I didn’t code it – and it’s too much of a hassle to edit other people’s sources…)


Well… I’ve cleaned up all HTML within the ‘johan’ subfolder; except for the frame-index. It seems it’s impossible :crazy: to get frames with no framespacing and still use valid HTML 4.01. So I scrapped the idea of using a valid frameset and instead used another validator – a custom one made by someone who actually understands the stupidity of NOT allowing either ‘framespacing’ or ‘border’ as attributes for frameset. Thanks to Jukka Korpela! :satisfied:

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